“Shake­speare like you have nev­er expe­ri­enced it before. In their visu­al­ly stun­ning, end­less­ly inven­tive car­toon world, Ciral­do and Swant cast stars of a vibrant arts com­mu­ni­ty alongside inter­net celebri­ties and absur­dist come­di­ans. Ham­let ADD is a unique peri­od piece, a pro­duct of the era that bridged inde­pen­dent film and viral video and an explo­ration of its dizzy­ing pos­si­bil­i­ty.”
Los Ange­les Muse­um of Con­tem­po­rary Art (LA MOCA)

“Some believe if Shake­speare lived today he would be writ­ing for tele­vi­sion. The campy Ham­let ADD is what that might look like. It is the hybrid episode of Dr. Who and Star Trek Shake­speare nev­er wrote.”
— Duane Dudek, film crit­ic, Mil­wau­kee Jour­nal Sen­tinel

“I was beside myself with gig­gles, like a mis­be­hav­ing school­girl … I saw evi­dence of some pret­ty nim­ble, if imp­ish, lit­er­ary and social crit­i­cism. It’s odd­ly true to the text, though rad­i­cal­ly trans­formed with its lay­er­ing of ref­er­ences, its tone and pac­ing.”
— Mary Louise Schu­macher, art crit­ic, Mil­wau­kee Jour­nal Sen­tinel

“A zany new take on Shake­speare … Utter­ly bizarre and hilar­i­ous. Each new time peri­od adds anoth­er lay­er of inter­est­ing and well-executed visu­als. The green screen work is far from cheap, and it’s no sur­prise the project took a decade to com­plete. Shake­speare reim­aged for the age of viral videos and memes.”
— Joey Gri­hal­va, Urban Mil­wau­kee

“A gonzo retelling of the clas­sic.”
Express Mil­wau­kee

“Gen­uine­ly weird and fun­ny.”
Nicholas Frank, artist, Mary Nohl Fel­low­ship Exhi­bi­tion Cat­a­log

“A retelling of the Shake­spear­i­an mas­ter­piece, adapt­ed for the YouTube gen­er­a­tion. The bizarre film will make you laugh… and prob­a­bly forever alter your per­cep­tion of the Bard’s clas­sic.”
Radio Mil­wau­kee

A scene from Ham­let ADD appeared as a spe­cial fea­ture on the Mys­tery Sci­ence The­ater 3000 XV box set and crit­ic has this to say:

“Very odd…”
Ain’t It Cool News


“Quite peculier…”

“A strange pre­view…”

“Per­haps the weird­est fea­ture … I’m not quite sure what type of movie this will be.”
— Metro­Mix

“A cool-looking reimag­in­ing of the clas­sic.”
DVD Ver­dict

“Looks epic (and epi­cal­ly insane!)”
The Onion A.V. Club

“Ambi­tious and bat-shit … pos­si­bly the most tripped-out Ham­let adap­ta­tion ever.”
— Evan Rytlewski, Express Mil­wau­kee


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